Location can’t be changed. here are three other things you can do now to sell your home faster.
1) CLEAN –  Buyers love to see a clean home. GOOD TIPS: The front door and light fixtures should be debris free and spotless. The yard and bushes cut, trimmed and clutter free, for example, trampolines, trash cans and random mismatched outdoor furniture & decor need to go! Get fresh pine straw and use much more that you could imagine! Put it everywhere you don’t have grass. It’s a great inexpensive way to max out curb appeal. Interiors should not only be sparking clean but SMELL naturally clean (no cover up plug-ins). The devil is in the details so clean baseboards, light fixtures, windows and blinds. Kitchens, bathrooms and floors should look like they are not used. Difficult to do, you say? Yes, but your home should sell so fast it may only need to be done once.
2) DE-CLUTTER – Do you need 4 sets of wine glasses and 16 Tupperware bowls for the next 60 days?  Do your countertops look like a Williams-Sonoma? GOOD TIPS: Pack it; Store it; Give it or Throw it away. Just get it out of the house. Use the most inconspicuous side of the garage for a few things you are keeping that came out of your cabinets and closets. Use similar type and size containers for a tidy look. If you are removing, but keeping large pieces of furniture from your home and/or lots of “stuff” then rent a storage unit. Your home will likely sell faster so the cost will be minimal.
3) NEUTRALIZE – We all love color… our colors!!!  Pictures are worth a thousand words and buyers start with looking at pictures online. Most buyers immediately eliminate homes with multiple color rooms. As much as Suzy loves her purple bedroom or you love the striped wallpaper in your water closet, the buyers won’t. GOOD TIP: Whatever neutral palette you choose or currently have in your home then use it throughout your entire house. Boring? Maybe…but, you’ll be able to paint the Benjamin Moore 2018 color of the year, “Caliente”, in your new home sooner than you expected.

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