The mortgage market is ever changing, several years ago many changes went into effect that affected many people in qualifying for a loan.  Most of the changes that were implemented were needed, some made it so good quality clients could not purchase homes.  In the recent months there have been some changes that were good common sense decisions.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will now allow debt to income up to 50% VS prior 45%

Appraisal valuations can hit on purchase loans so no appraisal needed in some cases

Possibility of 1 year tax returns for self-employed borrowers

A customer might not have to provide any income verification if there company reports to “The work number”

Student loans can now use a payment of “Zero” if they are on an income based payment plan

Jumbo loans up to 90% LTV

In the coming months the agencies will also be enhancing there “Day One Certainty” which will allow more clients to qualify and have a much more streamlined process to get  a mortgage!

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